Chocolate Cherry Brown Hair Color Style

chocolate cherry brown hair color with side bangs for round face

Rich and complex is one approach to portray the blending of this ‘sweet yet tart’ chocolate cherry brown hair color. The cool and rich profundity of this brunette tone best suits a marginally pinky or cherry composition. Dull to medium brunette hair (level 4 – 7) functions admirably with this mix. Wrap hair inexactly around a substantial barrel hair curler for super delicate twists. You can begin the free day […]

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces: Will It Work?

short fine hairstyles for square faces with bangs

When you have a rather square face but you are bored with the classic graduated long layer, don’t worry, there are some short hairstyles for square faces that you can get for your face shape. While the key is just the same, to cover your side jaw line to reduce the square-ish look on your face, there are some styles that you can use for your new hair. The angled […]

Busy Morning with Easy Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair

easy wavy hairstyles for long thick layered hair with highlight

You may often get late in the morning because of the deadline or something else. It makes reduce your time to prepare your dress, make-up, and even hair do. To help you more productive and effective time, here are easy hairstyles for long thick hair. Enjoy your time with braided hairstyle to around your hair. It may take several minutes but it will short the time while your hair will […]

Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair Women

medium length hairstyles for thick wavy grey hair for round face women

Wavy hair is special one which can be modified into various hairstyles. Even though it is thick, you have many ways to trick people looking at you with several ideas of cutting hair. This chance may make you looking sexy within wavy and medium cut hair. It means that you have shoulder length hair or a little above your shoulder. You deserve to seek the tips of medium length hairstyles […]

Get Adorable Look with Cute Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair

quick cute straight hairstyles for long thin hair with blunt bangs

Here are cute hairstyles for long thin hair which are unavoidably adorable and fancy. First is the feminine straight hairstyle with long layers. Simply part your hair in the middle. Then, cut the bangs until the chin length. Last touch, to make it looks prettier, go with the light long layers which wrap the face beautifully by cutting some more untill the collar bones. Second is one of cute hairstyles […]